Apple 位置資料 — WSJ Q&A

WSJ 針對 Location data 一事訪問 Apple 三巨頭,做成另一分 Q&A。以下截錄幾個有趣的段落。

Scott Forstall:

What we do is we cache a subset of that. We picked a size, around 2MB, which is less than half a song. It turns out it was fairly large and could hold items for a long time.

2MB 的 bug。這有些避重就輕的意味,其實這 bug 不只遠及上百英哩,還包括了 五年內沒去過的地方。這 bug 可十分兇猛。

It had root protection and was sandboxed from any other application. But if someone hacks their phone and jailbreaks it, they can get to this and misunderstand the point of that.

JailBreakers, it’s time to fight for your right.

言及將為此事舉行的公聽時,Steve Jobs 表示:

I think Apple will be testifying. They have asked us to come and we will honor their request, of course. I think it is great that they are investigating this and I think it will be interesting to see how agressive or lazy the press is on this in terms of investigating the rest of the participants in the industry and finding out what they do. Some of them don’t do what we do. That’s for sure.

白話文:記者對 Apple 積極,對業界其它角色則懶惰。Apple 的 location data 只小 bug 而巳卻被鬧大。

語言學深似海,正確翻譯很重要。我不確定 “finding out what they do” 是否指踢爆他們幹的勾當,而 “Some of them don’t do what we do. That’s for sure.” 應解讀成業界其它角色不像 Apple 這般坦白。

總之,隨著白色 iPhone 4 上市、iPad 2 第三波的訊息襲來,以及 crowd-sourced traffic database for iPhone 這項用來轉移焦點的新功能 (Apple 何時曾提前透露產品新功能過?),再加上我不相信參議員的智囊有 Pro 到可以挖得更深,只要 Google、電信業和 Apple 之間不要互揭瘡疤 (為何 Google 街景車不行,Apple iPhone 就可以?),Location Gate 似乎是事過境遷了。