OSX 修正 55 個 Flash 安全問題

日前 Mac OSX 10.6.5 的安全更新共修正了 55 個 Flash plugin 的安全性問題。134 個項目裡,Flash plugin 佔了 55 個。Apple 修了一大堆 Flash 的問題,卻仍然還是沒修完,Macworld 問到 Charlie Miller:

“Apple releases huge patch, still miss all my bugs,” said Miller in a tweet late Wednesday . “Makes you realize how many bugs are in their code, or they’re very unlucky.”

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, then you need to hear the words of Charlie “The main thing is not to install Flash” Miller.

Bug 修不完,修不了,或是不修了。總之 Flash for Mac 似乎不只是前途無亮。

Via Ron Carlson