Android always open?

Verizon App Store Force-Feeding Is Near 一文,MG Siegler:

Yep, pre-installed. And something tells me you won’t be able to uninstall it either. You know, just like those lame apps Verizon already shoves in your face if you are nice enough to buy their Android devices (the other carriers do this too because they can). This is about “choice“, except when there is no choice.

所謂的 Open Source Smartphone OS,與電信業組合之後,為人謀利的工具和噱頭,變得實在醜陋。連 iPhone 都因此醜陋了何況別的。

Alway open? 別說笑了,又不是 7-Eleven。一定要幫腔 MG 一下。