Google 把加薪洩密者炒了

Google 加薪發獎金一事人人稱羨,CNN 報導

Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced the salary hike in a memo late Tuesday, a copy of which was obtained by Fortune. The memo was also leaked to Business Insider, which broke the news. Within hours, Google notified its staff that it had terminated the leaker, several sources told CNNMoney.

如果加薪是真的,那麼炒魷魚一事就也有可能是真的。最近 Google 人才出走,也許是因為用錢收留人心很丟臉? 不丟臉,真的。Vic Gundotra 說謊 這種煽情的口不擇言才丟臉。這種事要怎麼形容才貼切? 妖言惑眾?


Via Edible Apple