Ken Segall 評 Steve Ballmer

佳言金句摘錄自 Ken Segall 之 Ballmer: making the wrong kind of mistakes:

After failing miserably with Vista, Ballmer has completely missed the two biggest technology revolutions in recent times: smartphones and tablets. And let’s not even talk about the $8.5 billion he just sunk into Skype

不過,Steve Ballmer 現在就跟 Microsoft 一樣穩。

This week, Ballmer’s theater of the absurd redefined absurdity. First he blurted out that their newest OS, to be called Windows 8, will be released in 2012. Shortly thereafter, a Microsoft “spokesperson” issued a clarification: “It appears there was a misstatement.” Turns out, there is no timetable yet for the new OS, and there is no confirmation of its name.

相信我,有些公司的 CEO 是誰都能當的,不是會不會的問題,但你臉皮要這麼厚很難。